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Traditions in MarathopoliAs every corner of Greece, so the Marathópolis has its own traditions, which the operators and residents care to keep them up to date.

Unique traditions in Marathopoli

The visitor, therefore, the Marathopolis will have the opportunity to get acquainted and to experience these special deliveries gaining new experiences.

The procession of the Epitaph on the waters of the coast of Marathopolis

On the evening of Good Friday, and preceded the ceremony of Descent, the procession of the Epitaph arrives at the port, where anthostolismenos Epitaph placed in a boat and circumnavigate the waters of the coast of Marathopolis, while the bells are ringing mournfully and fireworks, lanterns and balloons, which make young men and women brighten the atmosphere!

The Burning of Judas

On Easter Sunday, at 6 pm celebrated Sequence of Love and bagels and eggs are given to believers who sing along with the priest and exchange Paschal greetings. Then becomes the Burning of Judas, a custom referred to Marathópolis least a century!

Kathará Def̱téra i̱n Marathópoli̱

In celebration prepare every year cultural club Marathopolis tradition comes to the foreground and Kathara Deftera is celebrated in a unique way.

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Marathópoli is one of the most beautiful corners of Messinia.


Proti Island

Proti Island with the monastery of Panagia Gorgopigi.



It is 15 km from the palace of the legendary King Nestor of ancient Greece and also 15 km from the Museum of the Mycenaean period in the Country.


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