Archaeological Museum of Messenia

near Marathopoli





The museum building is located in Kalamata

The museum building is located in the heart of the historic center of Kalamata, where was the old Municipal Market in the city, flooded daily by the bustling crowd of merchants and customers.





After the devastating earthquake of 1986, the Market building was demolished because of the severe damage suffered. The new building which replaced the old Market, provided by the Municipality of Kalamata in the Ministry of Culture in order to become an Archaeological Museum.

Following the old geographical division of the county into four provinces, Kalamata, Messinia, Pylia Triphylia report develops a corresponding large geographical units, which comprise the most important archaeological sites and representative findings, either from excavations or surveys or even accidental ancient traditions, from ordinary citizens.


In order for the visitor to "penetrate" into geographical sections, follows a main "thoroughfare" among the displays and exhibits, reminding the river flow Pamisou, which runs much of Messinia and empties the Messinian Bay.





How to get


Driving through EO Pylos Kalamata • 66,7 chm.1 h. 19 minutes.



Marathópoli is one of the most beautiful corners of Messinia.


Proti Island

Proti Island with the monastery of Panagia Gorgopigi.



It is 15 km from the palace of the legendary King Nestor of ancient Greece and also 15 km from the Museum of the Mycenaean period in the Country.


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