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Downhill in paradise ...

Neda is the river of the Peloponnese at the frontier of Ilia and Messinia. The descent is proved unique experience: walking through the gorge, the changing landscape, the waterfalls, the archaeological site of ancient Figaleias, plus the fact that traces of human presence is minimal and unobtrusive, create a unique setting.



It forms a 32 km route and is the natural boundary of Ilia and Messinia. The river in most of the beam passes through a narrow gorge, which is just ... beautiful. Wild and dense vegetation, small waterfalls and three large, which form "fonts" with turquoise waters, majestic rocks and winding path. Clearly organized downhill is more secure (general) option.



Near the banks of the Neda is the ancient Figalia, while a few miles west of the new Figaleias is the bore, a great (and beautiful) cave from where they cross the waters of the river, until you reach the tributary Pamisso. In the same amount of distance there is the church of Our Lady and a little above the recess where according to tradition was the miraculous image.


For those who just want a good taste of the river, downhill from the village Platania is the most appropriate. Following the (many) signs coming out the Eiffel Barmpalekou, modern building with a café ... and panoramic views. The dirt road that descends the slope is smooth (those with 4x4 vehicle would appreciate a little more) and leads to a landscaped parking area and picnic.


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How to get


Driving through E55 • 44,0 chm.52 min.


Marathópoli is one of the most beautiful corners of Messinia.


Proti Island

Proti Island with the monastery of Panagia Gorgopigi.



It is 15 km from the palace of the legendary King Nestor of ancient Greece and also 15 km from the Museum of the Mycenaean period in the Country.


Friendly Destination